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We believe in challenging Status quoSettled rulesExisting processesLimitations

To solve contemporary real-world problems, We leverage Combinatorial Innovation and Exponential Technologies.

We build Intuitive solutions that turn Abstraction & Complexity into facts and simplicity.

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We focus on pain points in
industries, rather than verticals.

neXothings possess an idiosyncratic fusion of domain knowledge about major businesses, vertical pain points, and a new generation of disruptive technologies. Which empowers us to deliver state-of-the-art digital solutions.

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nX Tactical Framework

We consider every business is different and should be treated uniquely. Our approach is divergent against competitive convergence of current tech companies. 

We bring together Strategic Opportunities, Technological possibilities, and Innovation to turn abstract ideas into tangible solution and help organizations and businesses to become dynamic and Inexorable.


We implement technology in every solution based on two basic premises:

1. A technology can bring value, if, and only if, it can diminish a limitation.
2. Coping mechanisms (old rules) should be replaced to get the full value from the new technology.
We leverage exponential technologies some of them are:

How it Works

nX Connect

Sensrization is to get the sense of things, this is the first step to connect the physical world to the digital world and collect data.

We ask the following questions to do the nX connect:


  • What kind of data is needed to collect?
  • Which type of sensors will be used?
  • Where to install?
  • What will be the power source?
  • How it will be connected to the internet (nX Core)?

Sensors collect real-time data about the condition and status of things and transfer it to nX Core for processing.

nX Core

This is the Brain and Engine of nX platform where data collected from all deployed sensors through gateways and nX Core is


  • Unified
  • Normalized and
  • Analyzed.

State-of-the-art Algorithms and Business rules are perceived, defined, and implemented in this layer.

nX core is mostly deployed in Cloud but can be implemented locally as well.

Everything is prepared in nX core to present and consume by nX App.

nX App

This is the most important layer as it is the portal to take end-user from complexity to simplicity and make business decisions more fluid. 

We adopt a framework of defining the business outcomes upfront and defining the analytics strategy, to create an effective analytics solution, and here is how we do it:


  • Measure what matters.
  • Tapping into the stakeholder’s aspirations and challenges by asking the right questions.
  • Segmentation to drive action.
  • Articulation of clear visualization to narrate data story that promotes cognition instead of confusion.
  • Discovery of the context of the data set.
  • Construction of hypotheses that have the potential to drive action.
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About Us

Disruption is inevitable, it is a natural phenomenon causing mass extinction, eradication, and evolution. We are in the midst of an evolutionary punctuation phase of Technological disruption.

We are witnessing a mass extinction in the corporate world Since 2000, 52 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have either been acquired, merged, or have declared bankruptcy. It is estimated that 40 percent of the companies in existence today will shutter their operations in the next 10 years.

In the wake of these extinctions, we are seeing mass speciation of innovative corporate entities with entirely new DNA.

neXothings manifest digital solutions and enable transformations to risk outright extinction due to disruption, diversification, and technological advancement.

Our tactical framework brings innovation velocity to transform organizations & businesses.

neXothings build dynamic and real-time solutions where the premise is mental time travel and articulation of predictive and operational analysis with actionable business intelligence.

neXothings empowers organizations with perpetual transformation to fly over constant disruptive trends.

neXothings practice an idiosyncratic approach towards vertical progress rather than moving horizontally.

Do things nobody else has done before.

With neXothings Prognostication is growth.

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